Karim Abdelghani 
Mr. Karim Abdelghani comes with an experience of around 12 years in Information and Communication Technology, specifically in the area of international relations in this vibrant field.  Throughout these years, he worked for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt, the International Finance Corporation, and the ITU.  He received a Master degree in International Development from the University of Birmingham in 2009.  Moreover, he is currently the Programme Coordinator in the ITU Arab Regional Office where he coordinates with stakeholders in the region on several regional issues including Smart Learning, Arab Digital Content, ICT Applications, ICT Indicators, and Accessibility.
Abstract: "ITU’s Regional Initiative on Smart Learning"
The ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference that was held in Dubai in March/April 2014 adopted regional initiatives that focus on priority areas that will guide the work of the Union regionally in the coming four years.  One of which for the Arab Region is a Regional Initiative on Smart Learning.  This presentation will present the findings of an overview assessment of Smart Learning policies and strategies in the countries of the Arab region.  In addition, a four year plan to implement this regional initiative will be presented with the aim of receiving valuable feedback from the e-Age community, increasing awareness on upcoming ITU activities and promoting cooperation in that regard.