Mimoun Hajj
Dr. Mimoun Hajj is the Director of Research Laboratory Technology Hydrocarbon responsible for the training of master in refining the University of Boumerdes. Also he is the Advisor to the Algerian Petroleum Institute of Boumerdes as well as a teacher of master cycle where he ensures the transfer module material and heat. The field of research is oriented towards the exploitation of heavy oil fractions and the treatment of oil sloughs to Sahara by biological methods. Dr. Mimoun Hajj is responsible for several university research projects in refining. He is a supervisor for master. He has several international publications. He holds a degree on the status of the Institute of Petroleum and the chemistry Boumerdes of 1974 and PhD from the Institute of Gubkin Moscow 1984.
Abstract: "Aromatic hydrodecyclization of using catalysts based on molybdenum and tungsten supported on the Remblend of Kaolin"
The study consist the study of the valorization of petroleum fractions rich on polyaromatics diesel fuel using clay catalysts. In this way, Remblend Kaolin was used to prepare two kinds of catalysts.
The first is monometallic, consisting of molybdenum and the second is bimetallic, consisting of molybdenum and tungsten. The product used is the average aromatics. The study is based on the change in the content of aromatics in terms of temperature, under constant hydrogen pressure.