Mohammad Mabrouk
Mohammad is Manager of IT Infrastructure Development and has been with Ankabut since March 2009, his role is to work with the senior management to define the strategy, objectives, resources and budget, timelines and project plan for the implementation of ICT infrastructure related projects, also he is Responsible for the integrity and security of the Ankabut network and its infrastructure. Before joining the Anakbut, he served in the Jordanian NREN (JUNet)-Amman as Network Manager for four years and as Senior Network Engineer in the Hashemite University-Zarqaa for three years. Mohammad has extensive experience and training in Internet protocols, service provider technologies, ICT security, ICT Infrastructure and ICT service management.
He holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and Digital Systems Technology from Al-Balqaa University in Jordan and perusing a Master degree in Network, Security and System Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology.