Ognjen Prnjat
Dr. Ognjen Prnjat holds the position of European and Regional e-Infrastructure manager in the Greek Research and Technology Network. In this role he is responsible for organizing various aspects of computing infrastructures in South-East European region and beyond, their interoperation with pan-European e-Science infrastructure; as well as GRNET involvement in pan-European and worldwide e-Infrastructures. In the past 10 years he has acted as project coordinator for 5 European Commission projects in the field. Previously Ognjen was with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, where as a Research Fellow he was leading technical and project management aspects of a number of projects in diverse fields of computing and telecoms. He holds a First Class Honors Bachelor of Eng. Degree in Electronics and Electrical Eng. from University of Surrey, UK; and MSc (Distinction) and Ph.D. in Telecom from University College London.
Abstract 1: "Shared Computing Infrastructures: a Regional Operational Approach"
Modern research relies on the ability to share storage and computational resources, as well as algorithms and data, between research groups on national, regional and global levels. This paper presents a case study for regional organization of computational resource sharing and joint operations, enabling international research over a spectrum of scientific fields. The case study is based on 10 years of multiple high-end technology projects in South-East European region, including both Grid Computing and High-Performance Computing. The case study is considered as a useful model for organising computing resource sharing in other world regions, including the Arab region, as currently promoted by the project CHAIN-REDS.
Abstract 2: "Surveying Clouds in the Global Environment"
This paper reports on the results of the survey regarding the Research and Education (R&E) clouds in a number of world regions covered by the CHAIN-REDS project, including the Arab region. The survey includes the technical aspects of R&E clouds, as well as issues related to interoperation, interoperability, compatibility, orchestration and federation. Results obtained show a high interest in standards, thus pointing to the fact that the cloud federation solutions offered by CHAIN-REDS, which include a global cloud federation test-bed and the use of OCCI and CDMI standards, provide a building block for global cloud federated environment.