Salman Matalgah
IT expert in systems and networking, he is acting as Computing Group leader at SESAME, his team is composed of 3 people with strong systems engineering skills and a daily operational experience of heterogonous IT systems. He is in charge of designing and implementing SESAME’s computing infrastructure and services. He is also a specialist in HPC infrastructure clusters, building and management.  Also he is managing User Resources at IMAN1 (Jordan’s National Supercomputer Centre) Supercomputing Centre.
Abstract: "SESAME as International Research Lab"
SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) is a third-generation synchrotron light source under construction in Allan (Jordan). It will be the Middle East's first major international research center. The main aim is to foster scientific and technological excellence in the Middle East and neighboring countries (and prevent or reverse the brain drain) by enabling world-class scientific research in subjects ranging from biology, archaeology and medical sciences through basic properties of materials science, physics, chemistry, and life sciences; and Build scientific and cultural bridges between diverse societies, and contribute to a culture of peace through international cooperation in science.
In each experimental lab at SESAME (Namely Beamline) collaboration between scientists including graduate students, from universities and research institutes from world-wide among centers/countries will return home to analyze the data they have obtained from SESAME experiments, the amount of data vary depends on each experiment type and image detectors, in many cases the produced row data could reach few Tera Bytes, this led users’ to be more demanding for both the computing processing power and networking to operate in-site/off-site the pre and post processing on SESAME’s Beamline’s data.
One of the main responsibilities on The Computing Group at SESAME is to maintain all users’ demands from basic infrastructure services, data transfer to the advance High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. For that purpose SESAME is engaged  with IMAN1( The Jordan’s National Supercomputing Center) The main project objective is to enable scientific computational research in the region by engaging and supporting research communities with providing extensive HPC user support, training, develop and implement a well-structured HPC resource allocation mechanism and operations.