Tony Cass
Tony Cass joined CERN's Information Technology Department in 1987 after completing a PhD in Particle Physics at the University of Liverpool. After initial assignments in the CERN Program Library and working with CERN’s IBM/VMCMS service, Tony played a leading role in the migration from mainframe to workstation and then PC based computing,  led the refurbishment of a 30-year old computer centre to meet the needs of LHC computing and has had major responsibilities in the operation and management of large scale batch processing, data storage systems and for corporate, research and accelerator databases. Tony currently leads CERN’s Communication Systems Group with a remit covering an extensive wired and wireless campus network, a dedicated network supporting control systems for the LHC accelerator, high-performance networking for the LHC experiments and the data centre, dedicated 10Gbps and 100Gbps international links, fixed and mobile telephony services, and safety-critical radio communications.
Abstract: “The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid and its Network Connections”
The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) links over 150 computer centres into a powerful computing facility able to meet the unprecedented demands of the LHC experiments in their search for ground-breaking physics results.  This brief presentation will give an overview of WLCG as a whole, highlighting the network infrastructure that links CERN to the Tier1 centres which share custodial responsibility for the LHC data and to the Tier2 centres at universities around the globe.