Walid Karam
Dr. Karam is an accomplished ICT consultant with a progressive career record spanning the full range of ICT and educational consultancy. Past performance includes assessing, evaluating and designing cost-effective systems and overhauling educational business processes to improve learning and teaching through the effective, embedded, innovative, and sustainable use of ICT, with an emphasis on Free & Open Source Software technologies.
Dr. Karam is currently a consultant to the Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications. He is leading a management team to coordinate the activities of the “Mobile Internet Ecosystem Project”, a 12.8 million dollar business that comes as a loan from the World Bank.
The project’s development objective is to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship in the Lebanese mobile Internet ecosystem. The project fosters economic growth, job creation, and competitiveness in the economy, through the creation of a culture of entrepreneurship, the development of a pipeline of startup projects, and the enhancement of skills to meet the global standards of the ICT industry.
On the Academic side, Dr. Karam has taught university computing courses at the University of Balamand since 1993, and has published a number of articles in international journals and conferences.