About us

The e-AGE platform is becoming to be one the most important venue for networking among experts and scientists from all over the world. In e-AGE 2015, we focused on Connecting Arabs as the main theme of the event. ASREN started concrete steps towards connecting Arabs by launching its first PoP in London Telicity and working with its partners on new PoPs in UAE, Egypt and the western part of the Arab Region. ASREN is also supporting the development of NRENs in Many Arab Countries.

Wegave special attention and more focus on users and how this e-Infrastructure can support the needs of the users in terms of services and applications. More sessions were dedicated to the users to present their research and education activities and then to identify how can these users be better served by NRENs.

Following on the success of e-AGE in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, e-AGE 2015 included several events, workshops, and meetingscentered around the following themes

  • The 8th Event on Euro-Mediterranean e-Infrastructure
  • The 5th annual meeting of ASREN
  • EUMEDCONNECT3 and Africaconenct2 Project Meeting
  • Technical workshops on networks, clouds and science gateways.
  • AROQA 7th Annual Conference
  • AROQA Workshop on Ensuring Congruence between Internal and External Quality Assurance (IQA) (EQA)

Moreover special sessions were dedicated to specific domains, mainly focusing on experiences in connectivity and e-Infrastructure, applications and services in variety of scientific domains, and case studies with impact indicators and measures. It is also important to show how research infrastructure created benefits to communities and collaboration. It is still critical to show how research connectivity can promote collaboration and innovation. Different discussions were stimulated during e-AGE to drive outcomes and concrete results on practical steps towards developing a regional e-Infrastructure.


English was the event language; the opening ceremony was in Arabic and English.