Driss Abutajdine

Driss ABOUTAJDINE received the 3rd Cycle Doctorat and the Doctorat d'Etat es-Sciences degrees in Signal Processing from the Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, in 1980 and 1985, respectively.

He joined Mohammed V-Agdal University, Rabat, Morocco, in 1978, first as an assistant professor, then as an associate professor in 1985, and since 1990, he is full professor with the Faculty of Sciences heading the LRIT laboratory and coordinating the national Information Technology Network of Excellence.

He has contributed to more than 300 articles to journals and conference proceedings and was Guest Editor of special issues of Pattern Recognition Journal, Vol. 35, Issue 3, March 2002 and the French Journal on Parallel Computing “calculateurs parallèles”.

He also supervised more than 60 graduated students aiming at doctorate thesis. All of them are actually taking positions as professors, associate professors in Moroccan universities or heading R&D activities in national companies. He conducted many research projects with national and regional industrial partners.

As a result, he gained an international notoriety which is illustrated by his relations with important research groups all over the world. He developed joint research projects with most prestigious institutions in Europe, United States and Canada. He is also member of the editorial board of numerous journals (Pattern Recognition Journal, International journal of Image and video processing, French Journal ‘Traitement du Signal’, Signal processing and computer science, Journal of the National Telecommunication Regulation agency (ART), Senegal) and Many regional and international conferences. 

On 2006, 2007 and 2013, he was elected respectively member of the Moroccan  Hassan II academy of sciences and technology, the Academy of sciences of developing countries TWAS and the Afican academy of sciences. He was also elected the first Chairman of the mathematics and Information Technology College, member of the academy council on 2006 and Chair of the academy meetings “Directeur des séances” for the year 2010.

He was awarded the prize of the second best research laboratory of his university on the basis of its scientific production, quality for its PhD theses and relationship with Industries.

He was also awarded in his University the prize of the best R&D project conducted with industrial partners:

He received with the Competitiveness Prize awarded by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education for a project conducted with the Vivendi Telecommunication Company in Morocco

Since October 1999 he is IEEE Senior Member.

He co-founded the IEEE Morocco Section in 2005 and he is chairing the Signal Processing chapter he founded in December 2010. 

He is involved in almost all the national and regional organised conferences in the field of signal and image processing. He was one of the technical chairs of the EUSIPCO2013 (http://www.eusipco2013.org/committee.html). He organized or co-organized numerous conferences and symposia such as international symposium ISIVC2000 in Rabat and ISCCSP2006 in Marrakech, Morocco, ICISP’01 in Agadir, ISIVC2004 in Brest France and ISIVC2006 in Tunisia. He also succeeded to obtain the organisation of the conference GRETS in Marrakech 2017 for which he is appointed the organisation committee general chair.

He has also contributed to the management and the development of research in his country through the different positions he was appointed in: Deputy Vice chancellor for the two Universities of Rabat, Director of the National Center for Scientific and technical research since January 2013 and member of the national academy of science and technology.

He was appointed co-chair of the France-Morocco and France-Maghreb cooperation programs Toubkal and Phc-Maghreb since 2014.

From 2012 to 2016 he is member of the Scientific council of French Institut de Recherche-Developpement IRD.

He received several prizes and distinctions such as the “chevalier des Palmes Académiques” and “officier de l’ordre du mérite” respectively on 2008 and 2014 From the Republic of France.