Guido Zebisch

Project Director Mr. Guido Zebisch M.A. (Munich University, Human Sciences / Linguistics) works for GIZ, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit serving as an advisor to the Arab League´s Education, Culture and Science Organisation ALECSO and its terminology unit Arabization Bureau BCA in a regional program commissioned by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ. The joint project ARABTERM was selected as Germany´s contribution to the United Nations´ Economic and Social Council´s yearly meeting in 2013, and has been highly praised as long overdue by numerous voices. The major product, the quadrilingual online technical dictionary www.arabterm.org , allows narrowing knowledge gaps in technology and terminology, thus combining the ICT with genuine terminological content. Mr. Zebisch has worked in Arab countries since the early 2000s and has held several directing positions in cultural and educational cooperation. The challenge of ARABTERM, in his view, lies in the fact that it is an interdisciplinary approach bridging ICT-disciplines with linguistic policies: the joint approach, GIZ working with ALECSO, is a promising combination.