HE Sabri Saidam

Minister  Sabri Saidam served as the Executive Chairman of Partners for Sustainable Development –NETKETABI. Dr. Saidam is a founding member of Partners for New Beginning – Palestine Chapter. He served as a senior lecturer at Birzeit University and Khadouri on Innovation Management. He has also served as an Advisor to the Palestinian President on Telecommunications, Information Technology and Technical Education.

Additionally, he is a former minister of Telecom & IT and a founding and ex-Board member of the Palestine Education for Employment Foundation www.efefoundation.org (working to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship). Dr. Saidam is a Board member of Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) and an ex-board member of Hisham Hijawi College for Vocational and Technical Education – Al-Najah University.

Dr. Saidam led the telecom market liberalization in Palestine in 2006 introducing the second mobile phone operator. He also led the introduction and ratification of the Palestine Telecom Regulatory Authority (PTRA) law and introduced a series of initiatives inclusive of e-Gov, the National Academic Network, Falastinyia (enhancing women participation in the ICT market), the Palestine Education Initiative (PEI); with a wide international partnership. Also co-enhanced Cisco's role in Palestine which led to the establishment of its $10m investment initiative.

Mr. Saidam helped launch .PS and its governing body, the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA). He founded the award winning Palestine Digital Library in 2004 and the Palestine e-Republic in 2007 and also co-founded the Internet Society- Palestine Chapter (ISOC-PS), PC & Net 4 All (for providing PCs and internet connectivity to deprived citizens) and the Birzeit Innovation Group (BIG), for innovation and technology.

Dr. Saidam was until recently, a member of the Anti Corruption Commission. He was educated in Britain with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; and a certification in Human development  from Oxford University. He was born in Damascus in 1971 and became the youngest serving minister since the establishment of the Palestine National Authority. He's also the youngest serving minister of Education and Higher Education.