Shaher Momani

Born in Ajloun, Jordan, on 10 May 1962. Prof. Momani is married and has two daughters and two sons.

He obtained his BSc in Mathematics from the Yarmouk University (Jordan) in 1984, and his PhD from the University of Wales (UK) in 1991 under the direction of Ken Walters (FRS). He taught Mathematics at Mutah University, Jordan (1991-2000, 2004-2006, 2007-2009),  at Yarmouk University (2000-2001), at United Arab Emirates University (2001-2004), at Qatar University (2006-2007) and at The University of Jordan (2009-present).  

Momani is a leading Scientific Researcher at The University of Jordan and he has been at the forefront of research in the field of Fractional Calculus in two decades and   is classified as one of the Top Ten  Scientists in the World in  this field for the period 2009-current according to Thomson Reuters  (Web of Knowledge).

Prof. Momani has more than 220 scientific papers to his credit, and has received many honors and awards including:  The Distinguished Researcher Prize in Jordan in 2012;  the Distinguished Researcher Prize at The University of Jordan in 2012; the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Science Prize "ISESCO Science Prize" in 2008; the Scopus Prize for Jordan Scientists in 2009, the Distinguished Researcher Prize at Mutah University in 2009; TWAS Prize for the Young Scientists, Third World Academic Sciences in 2000;  the Award of Jordan National Commission For Education, Culture and Science in 2008.

He has been selected by Thomson Reuters in its prestigious list of Highly Cited Researchers since 2014.  Momani is the first and only scientist in Jordan who has been selected as Highly Cited Researchers in the 21 broad subject categories. Also,  he has been selected by Thomson Reuters in its prestigious list of The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014.

He obtained the  highest  Hirsch  Index  and number of citations in Jordan  according to Scopus data base and Google Scholar.

Currently, he is a leading Scientific Researcher at The University of Jordan. He was the  chairman of  the Department of Mathematics for the period of 2012-2014 and the Dean of Faculty of Science since September 2014 until now. Also, he is a visiting Professor of Applied Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, Department of Mathematic, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Program).