Dr. Abdulmonem has over 23 years of experience in higher educational institutions, ICT business projects, consultancy and support. He has an extensive experience in Student Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, University ERP solutions and Business Process Automation in the Government, Higher Education, and Oil sector. Recently, Abdulmonem joined the Research Council to lead the Oman Research & Education Network (OMREN) project.

Representative Assignments Include:

 Led the Deanship of Registration & Records at the University of Nizwa.
 Led a large technical team for ICT, publications and eLearning at the university of Nizwa.
 Represented the ICT sector in a wide range of executive boards to support services and strategies.  
 Contributed in building the national research framework and strategy  
 Contributed in approving ICT research proposals submitted to the Research Council (TRC) for funding.  
 Served as a client manager for the government sector at IBM Oman  
 Served as systems’ administrator at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for SAP, Oracle, and large production applications.
 Advised major government organizations on crucial planning applications including those for Disaster Recovery and High Availability for business continuity.  
 Served the government in the “Private Sector Omanization Project” as a Deputy Chair for the ICT Omanization committee in the Sultanate of Oman.  
 Led the implementation of the Human Recourse and Financial Management System at Sultan Qaboos University and various smaller applications.
 Taught academic courses at SQU and Unizwa