Yves Poppe advises A*STAR CRC Singapore on transcontinental supercomputing connectivity and is a frequent speaker on intercontinental communications, very high speed long distance InfiniBand and infiniCortex, an approach for concurrent computing between geographically distributed surpercomputers. He retired from Tata Communications where he pioneered international Research & Education network connectivity since the first transoceanic R&E 34mbps and STM-1 connections in the early 1990’s.  He helped realize the first gigabit level transoceanic connectivity with a 2.5Gbps lambda between Surfnet and Internet2 in 2001. Twelve years later, in 2013, he contributed to the first  transatlantic 100Gbps connectivity with ANA-100 and most recently facilitated ACA, the first transpacific 100Gbps R&E connection between SingAREN and internet2. He represented Tata as member of the TERENA General Assembly for more than a decade and now represents A*STAR at Internet2, Canarie, GLIF, ASREN and APAN where he is Chair of the BackBone Committee. Yves has also been an ardent promoter of IPv6 since its inception and is co-founder of the International IPv6 Forum.