Islam Abou El-Magd is a full Professor working for the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences and chairing the Environmental Studies Department. Dr. Abou El-Magd research area of interest is remote sensing and GIS modelling in environmental related issues. Dr. Abou El-Magd has obtained his PhD from the School of Civil Engineering and The Environment, University of Southampton, UK where he also worked there for few years. Currently, he is managing few research projects that are directly functioning remotely sensed data to study the environmental pollution and coastal zone management and climate changes. He is also teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in remote sensing and its environmental applications, within Egyptian universities and others within the region.

Dr. Abou El-Magd has a wide network since he worked as a consultant for the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), UN, Centre of Environment and Development for Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE), Arab League, and the World Health Organization (WHO), UN. Dr. Abou El-Magd is acting as the general secretary of the national space council of Egypt and he is also a member in other international societies such as the Royal Geographical Society and he is well as the focal point of the African-European partnership in space technology and remote sensing applications. He was a Co-Chair of the Implementation Plan Working Group for GEO to develop the 2016-2025 strategic implementation plan for GEO. He is the Vice-President of the AARSE (African Association for Remote Sensing and the Environment) that foster networking among African experts and professional in EO as well as the use of EO in research and education.

Dr. Abou El-Magd was the principal investigator for some internationally funded projects from the EU, for example the FP7 funded project "BRAGMA" that was enrolled to bridge actions for the implementation of GEMS and Africa initiative.

Dr. Abou El-Magd has distinctive publications in international peer reviewed journals and he is a peer reviewer to some international and regional journals such as the international journal of remote sensing, remote sensing of the environmental, international journal of digital earth and the Journal of Coastal research.