Dr Rami Iskander obtained his PhD in Instructional Technology from Cairo University in 2012, his background in ICT and education led him to work as a lecturer in the department of Computer and distance education at Mansoura University.

He is specialized in the pedagogical use of education technology on both the research and practical levels. He is currently supervising a number of MA & PhD dissertations in the field of E-Learning in Mansoura and Cairo Universities. Due to his specialization, he is Director Of National E-Learning Center in Supreme Council Of Egyptian Universities, he is applying the strategies of dissemination of E-Learning culture among public Egyptian universities & Responsible for the professional development of the technical staff and Following up the technical process of E-Courses production in all public Universities in Egypt. Now he is proud to be responsible for blended learning in Egyptian universities which had been started at Cairo University & Ain Shams University only for Evaluation. He also participated in a lot of national, international &Francophone E-Learning conferences.  He is a well-known figure in E-Learning communities among Egyptian public universities.