Suzanne Samir obtained a master degree in library and information science (MLIS) from the ENSSIB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques), Lyon, France, 2003. Mrs. Samir received her B.A. in French literature and civilization, University of Alexandria and joined the Library of Alexandria in 1999, before its inauguration. She has been a practitioner in the library and information field since that date. Then, she began her library managerial career as head of the Instructional Services unit and worked on the establishment of the first Learning Center in the BA in 2005, under the direction of Chief Librarian.

She, also, developed a professional development program designed for paraprofessionals, Library Technical Assistant program (LTA program), and another professional development program designed for the BA secretaries (Secretarial Kit Program) to help them validate information and explore general information resources with efficiency. In collaboration with the educational team, she succeeded in developing many information fluency programs for teachers, faculty and students.

Currently, she is the head of the Educational Section in the Library of Alexandria, and completed a plan for the International Librarianship Training Program (ILTP). She worked on the establishment of the second Learning Center in the BA, under the direction of Chief Librarian, dedicated to the librarians’ training.

Mrs. Samir completed, in collaboration with the ICT Sector, the building of a distance-learning platform using Moodle. The service was launched in January 2017.

Mrs. Samir was member the IFLA, Education and Training Standing Committee, 2013 – 2017; and Co-Chair, 2015 – 2017.