Yousef Torman is currently working as Managing Director for the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN). His aim is to establish a pan Arab e-Infrastructure to support the development of research and education in the Arab region. His responsibilities in ASREN include Technology, Networking and Infrastructure. Youssef’s main focus is to promote and encourage the use of technology and networks for research and education.

Yousef worked also as Executive Director of the Jordanian Universities Network (JUNet), the Jordanian National Research and Education Network. He participated and chaired many national and regional committees and initiatives that focus on research and education infrastructures. He also co-established and managed the new Computer and Information Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST); one of the largest Universities in the region with focus on science and technology.

Yousef has played a prominent and key role in the efforts and initiatives that aim to establish a Pan Arab regional e-Infrastructure for scientific research for the last 10 years.