Philip Smith


Bio: Philip Smith, Senior Network Engineer, Network Startup Resource Center, Australia

Philip Smith has been working in the Internet industry since the early 1990s after catching the Internet bug in the mid 1980s while at university. He runs his own Internet consultancy business.

Philip spends a significant portion of his time working for the Network Startup Resource Centre as a Senior Network Engineer and Training Coordinator, assisting with Network Operations Groups coordination, and providing network design assistance and training around the Pacific, across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Philip has run many training courses for NSRC, ranging from BGP, Routing Security, Campus Network Design, and Peering/IXP Deployment. He has also helped with building Research & Education Networks and establish Internet Exchange Points.

Prior to this he spent a couple of years as Learning & Development Director at APNIC, the regional internet registry for the Asia Pacific region. And before then, he spent 13 years at Cisco, working in the company’s Consulting Engineering Group in the Chief Technology Office. There he focused on training/best practices for BGP, IPv6, and internet operations. He also helped build new network infrastructure and Internet Exchange Points, and helped local communities establish their own Network Operator Groups.

For almost 20 years, Philip also has played a leading role in APRICOT, the Asia Pacific region’s premier Internet operations & technology conference.