Haidar Fraihat

Speaker: Haidar Fraihat, Senior Innovation and Technology Adviser, UN-ESCWA, Lebanon

Currently, Director of Technology for Development Division at UN-ESCWA, Beirut, Lebanon.
Previously, Director General of Jordan National Department of Statistics (Jordan NSO)
Previously, Director General of Jordan National Information Technology Center (Jordan CIO/CTO)

Abstract: "Role of the United Nations in Advancing e-infrastructure of STI "

The presentation will address the various plans, programs and project that the United Nations is implementing  via its specialized international and regional entities to advance e-infrasture to make it inducive of more agile research production and utilization. It will discuss mandate, roles, and assignments of these institutions. The purpose to clarify these roles to help align other efforts with it. The presentation will adopt the subject from an SDGs perspective, especially goal 4, 9 and 17. The presentation will have a futuristic approach as well.  At the end, the presentation will suggest certain recommendations to increase synergy between the various stakeholders in the STI eco system.