Nabil Ksibi

Speaker: Nabil Ksibi, Engagement Lead, ORCID, South Africa

Nabil Ksibi, Engagement Lead, Middle East & Africa. Nabil is responsible for fostering ORCID community adoption in the Middle East & Africa. As part of his responsibilities, Nabil supports ORCID members as they develop new and existing integrations and workflows. Previously he worked at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, covering the Middle East, Mediterranean, and African region. Nabil believes in the ORCID mission and seeks to build collaboration across the region. From Tunis and now based in Johannesburg, Nabil is passionate about Engineering, Art, and Humanitarian work. In addition to English, he is fluent in Arabic and French.

Abstract: “Adopting ORCID to Maximize Impact of Research Contributions”

Abstract: 'In this work we would like to build avenues of collaboration with and between Arab speaking region NRENs, researchers and research institutions, to implement FAIR principles best practices and to align with the UNESCO recommendations for Open Science, to also link in persistent identifiers with the wider trust & identity mission. 
During the last 10 years ORCID as a persistent identifier, demonstrated significant improvement in researcher identification and discoverability as well as connecting systems and contributions around the world. We aim to invite all research contributors and research institutions to participate in building communities of practices within the ASREN network. That would be a great insight for those looking to draw Open Research roadmaps, and drive adoption and best practice use of the different APIs, Open Access systems and interoperable registries.'