Eriko Proto

Speaker: Eriko Proto, IT Consultant, ASREN, Brazil

For more than 16 years Eriko has been working in the roll-out of network infrastructures across various continents. Eriko has worked for RedCLARA from 2004 to 2010, leading the network implementation, and successfully establishing the network infrastructure for research and education, within the Latin American region and towards Europe.

From 2010 to 2016 Eriko has successfully developed the R&E network for the Caribbean region – C@ribNET. Eriko delivered the strategic planning and the implementation of the supporting regional network infrastructure; leaded the teams of network engineering and operations; and provided guidance and support for the development of the embryonic NRENs in the Caribbean region. 

Eriko has also worked as a Professor of Computer Networks related courses for universities in Brazil, and as Instructor on several workshops developed and delivered to the R&E community.

At present Eriko is a consultant for Information Technology and Information Security, working with ASREN – The Arab States Research and Education Network – based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Abstract: “ASREN Network & Services”

Evolution of ASREN Network and Services over the second year of the AfricaConnect3 project. Passing through a recap of the first year of the project, regarding the steps to the establishment of ASREN NOC and the upgrade of the Slough Point-of-Presence, together with the implementation of the NOC functions for ‘Performance Management’, ‘Incidents Management’, and ‘Requests Tracking System’, and going over the second year of the project, with the evolution of ASREN Network connectivity and the new links to Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco, and the development of new services delivered to the R&E community using the newly upgraded infrastructure.