Raed Al Zoubi


Speaker: Raed Al Zoubi, Library Director, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan

I have more than 26 years of management/technical experience 11 of them in library services. Through its vision and hardworking, the Library at JUST has been always playing a significant role in supporting research and education needs. 

My background spans excellent experience overseeing daily operations, staff, member services, community events, budgeting, and policy development in library services and IT infrastructure services as well.

Organizational Positions Held:
JUST – Library Unit:
•    Deputy Director – Library Unit
•    Electronic Services Department Director
JUST – Computer & Information Center:
•    Academic Computing Department Director
•    Technical Services Dep.  Supervisor
•    Systems and Networking Dep. Supervisor
•    Head of Main Systems Section
•    Systems and Networking Administrator
Jordan Petroleum Refinery:
•    Systems and Networking Administrator. 

Abstract: "Academic Libraries Role in Open Science Era"

Academic Libraries role is always to support education and research in several aspects, this role (traditionally) was to avail/maintain ‘publications’ (physical or digital) and make them discoverable to users.

In Open Science/Open Access Era dependence on resource procuring is getting less priority and Academic Libraires role is dramatically changing to be enabler and facilitator to the education and research. It will be important to highlight the Academic Libraries future role, Competencies/Skills needed and the entities that can support Academic Libraries in their mission.