Anass Al Ksasbeh


Speaker: Anass Al Ksasbeh, Systems Administration Section Head, German Jordanian University, Jordan

IT Professional with fifteen years of experience in IT Systems Engineering, IT Certified Trainer in addition to academic research experience in the field of Cloud security and benchmarking using Open-Source implementations, I hold MCT Certificate (Microsoft Certified Trainer) in the field of IT Professional since 2009. 

In addition to my deep and long technical experience, I hold an M.Sc. Eng. Degree, I also strongly believe that my leadership and supervision experience during the past years represents an advantage. I have been the focal point, for ISTC, on technical representation for major procurement projects, which entails cross-functional/cross-departmental teams to accomplish the mission at hand. I believe my input made a positive difference. I also represented ISTC on multiple committees, I believe my input was crucial to arrive at decisions that were adopted by the top management of the university.

•    Head of Systems Administration Division, Senior IT Systems Engineer, Consultant | German Jordanian University (GJU) 
•    IT Systems Administration and Consultation (Part-Time and Freelance) | European Union (Belgium, Czech, and Poland)
•    IT Learning Consultant (Part-time) | Aldelma LLC 
•    Microsoft Systems Engineer | Tafila Technical University (TTU) IT Instructor /Trainer (Part time) | CompuBase International, GCE, Teleprobe and Optimiza Academy

•    Master of Science Degree in Engineering (M.Sc. Eng.) | Warsaw University of Technology | Warsaw, Poland
•    Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering (B.Sc. Eng.) | Mutah University | Al Karak, Jordan

Abstract: “Public Key Infrastructure in the Cloud: A Case Study”

Storing personal and confidential data in the cloud is similar to storing money, Cloud computing security became one of the major research challenges. Using cloud computing, security is an important issue due to multi-tenancy, data confidentiality, online Virtual Machines (VM) access, remote storage security, etc. A lot of users rely on free cloud storage as the main storage because of its availability to be used anytime by multiple platforms. These services offer connec-tion protection to users' private data. But, free cloud storage providers have full access to user’s files, so free cloud storage could not be used to store high-risk data, in this case, we could not trust the free cloud storage service providers, therefore there is a need to securely lock data in the remote cloud storage. This paper proposes a design for securing data storage in the cloud and securing Virtual Machines (VM) access based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in all cloud deployment models. This design allows users and organizations to securely store their confidential data remotely at both storage types either object storage or block storage at no risk. To enable this proposed the strongest cryptography algorithms were used, Public Key Infra-structure (PKI) and vulnerabilities assessment were employed. The proposed design mainly in-cludes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) levels, Certificate Policies (CP), Extended Key Usage (EKU), Certificate Authentication, Storage and Virtual Machines (VM) security planning, de-signing, implementation, and evaluation.