Emily Choynowski

Bio: Emily Choynowski, Head of Publishing, Knowledge E, United Arab Emirates

Dr Emily Choynowski is Head of Publishing for Knowledge E, a Dubai-based organisation providing scholarly content, digital resource solutions, publishing services, and educational trainings to a wide range of institutions and academic bodies from around the world. Emily has eight years’ experience in the commercial publishing sector, working first as Editorial Manager and later as Head of Product and Marketing for two world-class macroeconomic research publishers, managing large publishing teams based across the globe. In addition, as an independent scholar and the Director of The Byron Society, she has maintained strong ties within the academic community, publishing numerous articles, and giving lectures at museums and universities around the world. She also sits on the Editorial Boards of a leading literature journal and a university press. Combining her professional and academic interests, Dr Emily Choynowski developed and launched the Forum for Open Research, on behalf of the Knowledge E Foundation, and recently organised and hosted the first Forum event, in Cairo. 

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6681-1709

Abstract: "Working together towards a more knowledgeable world: The Forum for Open Research in MENA"

Abstract: In this 20-minute presentation, I will discuss the work being done by the Knowledge E Foundation to promote the development of Open Science policies and practices in higher education institutions and research libraries across the Arab region. In pursuit of this mission, the Knowledge E Foundation is launching a new initiative, a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting the advancement of Open Science in the higher education sector. Our mission is to empower and enable research institutions by nurturing a collaborative regional community, encouraging the exchange of actionable insights, and supporting the development of practical policies relating to the implementation of Open Science in research libraries and higher education institutions across the Arab region. This presentation will outline the current situation and key challenges impeding the adoption of Open Science principles and practises, outline how our solution will help to address these issues, and provide a detailed overview of the structural frameworks and key strategies of the new initiative, including the development of vital infrastructures.