Fethi Mzah


Bio: Fethi Mzah, Manager of Digital Panetarium, Tunis Science City, Tunisia

MZAH Fethi holds a master's in physical science from the science university in Tunisia. A scientific career spanning 30 years in the public and private sector.

My professional career began in the private sector in 1995 with a company specializing in the distribution of laboratory analysis equipment. I evolved in this company and held the position of commercial director that I managed in 1998.

I succeeded in having an international qualification with the THERMO group through a quality controller responsible for the training and installation of analysis equipment: spectrometers (UV-IR) and chromatography equipment (liquid- Gas).

In 2002, I joined the scientific team of Sciences city in Tunisia in the quality of astronomy, physics and space in the service of the universe.

I have carried out a considerable number of popularized scientific demonstration workshops for the general public in the field of astrophysics and astronomy in general.

Currently, I am the manager of the digital planetarium of the Science City in Tunisia and the project manager for the renovation of the planetarium's scientific equipment.

Abstract: "The City of Sciences in Tunis is celebrating its 30th anniversary!"

1992, the President of the Tunisian Republic inaugurated the city of sciences. The 30th anniversary of the Cité des Sciences is an opportunity to recall the values that have driven the establishment since its inception: scientific rigor, commitment to access to science for all, but also inspiration and creativity.

Public establishment funded by the State is also a place of civilization whose mission is to help its contemporaries, whatever their age, their origin and their background, to enter into intelligence with the world to better understand the issues.
The city of sciences in Tunis, is finally and above all a place of innovation and creativity, digital, technological, educational and societal.