Lautaro Julian Matas

Bio: Lautaro Julian Matas, Executive and Technical Director, LA Referencia, Spain

He studied Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2002 is member of the Center for Studies on Science, Development and Higher Education (Centro REDES). He was part of the technical team of the Ibero-American Network of Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT). Between 2005 and 2011, he worked at the Argentine Center for Scientific and Technological Information (CAICYT-CONICET), oversaw the implementation and coordination of the SciELO Argentina project and later the development of software for the area of patents and strategic intelligence. Between 2009 and 2019 he was part of the technical team of the Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society (CAEU/OEI), acting as Coordinator/Developer portal Intelligo, an open explorer of open access repositories and collections of invention patents based on natural language processing and data mining techniques.

Abstract: LA Referencia (Latin American Network of Open Science Repositories) and ASREN collaboration experience

LA Referencia is the Federated Network of Institutional Repositories of Scientific Publications. Its main objective is to give global visibility in open access to the scientific production of Latin America by aggregating the metadata from repositories and journals in the region.

In 2021 LA Referencia signed a MoU to start the collaboration with African Research and Education Networks (ASREN-Arab States Research and Education Network, UBUNTU.NET and WACREN-West and Central African Research and Education Network). In 2022 ASREN and LA Referencia signed a collaboration to share experiences and transfer LA Referencia Platform during 2023.