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ASREN Participated in The 7th Conference On Sharing Knowledge Across The Mediterranean

ASREN actively participated in the 7th Conference on Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean, in Tunis  17-20 May 2012. All participants agreed that ASREN is an important basis for the development of education and research in the Arab world. Following are the main recommendations points to reinforce the effectiveness of ASREN:

  • Establishing NREN (National Research and Education Networks) in all Middle-Eastern and Maghreb countries and connecting them to ASREN.
  • Obtaining political, financial and technical support to promote services and applications connected to research and education in the region.
  • Establishing the infrastructure and technology of CLOUD COMPUTING to respond to the massive increase in dataflow.
  • Encouraging the development of NTIC to improve e-science and e-accessibility, especially for handicapped persons.
  • Taking advantage of African cable connections (through GEANT and Ubuntunet) which are revolutionizing African science via such projects as the South African Radio Telescope and the Neutrino Observatory at Taza in Morocco.
  • Taking account of the recommendations of the CHAIN project for e-infrastructure and e-science in Africa concerning the reduction of the digital divide.