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ASREN Participation in ICANN 49 Meeting in Singapore

Singapore, March 23rd27th, 2014

As a main player in establishing, operating and managing at the regional level representing one of the largest populated networks in its region which will interconnect more than 500 Universities and 200 centers serving the students, researchers and academicians in the Arab region, ASREN, and since its launch is coordinating with main players in the world in the networking technology and Internet organizations.

For example, ASREN hosted the 11th Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) in Amman, September 2012. ASREN worked with ISOC and recently received a high end router donated from ISOC. ASREN is now member of the Arab Internet Governance Forum. ASREN also started good relations with ICANN since 2011 as ICANN participated in ASREN’s first conference in Amman and later sponsored its 2nd and 3rd conference. Recently, ASREN participated in ICANN 49th meeting in Singapore 23-27 March 2014 for the following reasons:

  • To better understand the role and functions of ICANN and how it works

  • To explore and discuss the opportunities of collaboration between ICANN and ASREN.

  • To network with participants from around the world

  • To bring the awareness of ASREN community and networkers on the recent trends, changes and challenges in the Internet

  • To bring the awareness to Internet communities and organizations about the importance of NRENs and seek for their support.

ASREN had several meetings with key stakeholders from around the world including ICANN, ISOC, MLIGRP and discussed with them the importance of dedicated networks to support the developments of research and education with examples and stories of success from around the world with focus on the Arab region which recently started several activities to develop the R&E infrastructures. Engagement of the NREN technical staff with their peers in other organizations was a main discussion topic with capacity building and awareness plan.

One of the most important meetings during the ICANN 49 was the meeting with the President and CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehadeh who commended on the role of ASREN and committed to support the developments of research and education infrastructures. Another fruitful meeting with Fahd Batayneh on details of cooperation with ASREN, the discussion covered capacity building, joining and sponsoring ASREN activities and conferences.

On a side issue, ASREN visited the Singapore NREN, SingAREN on Friday 28th Marc h 2014 and had very fruitful meeting with Lee Bu Sung, Francis and Ong Bin Lay who made a presentation about SingAREN and its recent activities and developments.