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Egypt Universities Network (EUN)
EUN was founded in 1987 under the umbrella of Supreme Council of Universities to serve the higher education community at large. Currently, EUN links all Egyptian universities through two main ISPs at a speed that ranges between 34 Mbps and 1 Gbps. It has a 2 Gbps international link to the Internet and 1 Gbps to Internet2 going to GLORIAD. A link is provided between EUN and ENSTINET, the research network in Egypt, which serves the universities with 155 Mbps. The entire network serves 23 public universities and 14 research centre plus Al-Azhar University which was built around 1000 years ago, and they have Bibliotheca Alexandrina as a member in this network, they also have about 120 small links to campuses that are outside the main universities buildings. Each university has a link between 34 Mbps and 155 Mbps according to its capacity. EUN provides value added services by contributing to some European projects such as EUMEDGRID-Support for a grid-computing infrastructure. The available infrastructure at EUN is a 68-Core CPU running gLite middleware for grid computing.
EUN hosts and manages higher education development projects, including e-learning, training, digital library and management information system for the Supreme Council of Universities. EUN also operates an advanced Video Conferencing system to facilitate communication between all the Egyptian Universities. It also provides electronic mail services to all universities. EUN manages and operates the .eg Top Level Domain infrastructure and services. It provides service protocol supporting communications using IPv6 to generate a wide range of IP addresses to all universities in Egypt.
EUN was connected during the first two phases of EUMEDCONNECT for seven years, and is currently connected to “GLORIAD”, the global ring network for advanced applications and development, through the Egyptian National Scientific and Technical Information Network (ENSTINET). ENSTINET is also in the process of linking a 622 Mbps international link to GÉANT for research and education connectivity with Europe and the EUMEDCONNECT project.
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