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In The Field a Blog Showcasing the Global Impact of Research and Education Networks

Research and education networking infrastructure traverses the globe, enabling access to content, tools and resources, connecting people, delivering new experiences, fostering collaboration and cultivating interdisciplinary communities striving to make a difference.

The In The Field blog (, developed by AARNet and launched as a Global NREN PR Network initiative in October 2015, embodies that very spirit, bringing the R&E network community together in a global collaboration with users and beneficiaries to showcase and share inspiring stories and achievements.

More than 50 stories involving 40 NRENs and RRENs across six continents have been contributed and published since the blog was launched last year. These stories cover a diverse range of topics, including climate science, education, food security, disaster management, arts and culture, astronomy, health and more.

For example, articles are published on people and projects involved in decoding the diversity of rice to improve yields for farmers in Asia, telemedicine changing the reality of health in Brazil, transitioning to digital exams in Norway and France, tracking Kyrgyzstan’s melting glaciers, supercomputing for archaeology in Denmark, and connecting students to scientists in the jungles of Panama and remote robot museum tours in Australia.

Articles are also published on making the Internet a bit safer and about what happens inside our heads when we listen to music, how astronomers look back in time, new technologies bringing cultural heritage to life and sensor networks helping to predict natural disasters.

The blog is a truly global collaboration tool and welcomes real stories that illustrate how R&E networks around the world are utilized to solve problems and make a difference to the everyday lives of people. Stories can involve one or several networks. The focus of the stories needs to be on the impact rather than all about the infrastructure.

Submitting a story is easy. You can either complete an online form accessible at the blog site, which automatically creates a draft post, or submit a draft via email. All submissions are moderated before publishing. View the submission guidelines for more information:

If you need help with developing ideas or writing a story, the blog editors: Jane Gifford (AARNet), Helga Spitaler (GEANT) and Arne Vollertsen (NORDUNET) are happy to assist.

For assistance, feedback and questions about the blog, please contact

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