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First-ever Backup Agreement for R&E Traffic Around the Globe


Vital research collaborations involving China, Europe and the United States will be safeguarded through the first major agreement among partners running the two main high-speed R&E Internet routes across Asia, Europe and North America. By agreeing to provide reciprocal backup services via a ring of 10 Gbps connections around the globe, the organizations involved will maximize connectivity and provide a stronger, more resilient service to researchers as they work together on major projects and share growing volumes of data.  ORIENTplus, Internet2, TransPAC3 and CERNET signed the agreement last month at the TIP2013 Conference in Hawaii, which involved more than 450 international technology leaders. This partnership reflects the recognition among national and regional R&E networking organizations that a collaborative approach is the most effective way to meet the needs of an increasingly global user base.

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