AfREN/ AfNIC/ AfNOG Meetings

- Briefing on ASREN.
- Developing network connectivity, possibly with nodes originating in Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE – connecting to Europe, US, Africa, East Asia, Central Asia.
- Cooperating actively with UbuntuNet alliance and WACREN.
- Inviting the African research and education networks to participate in the ASREN upcoming events.
- Inviting ASREN to a conference of rectors platform to advocate support regional interconnection (UbuntuNet alliance, WACREN, ASREN) to discuss the need for NREN, need bandwidth, how to handle traffic of students, using smart phones, access Inter- university connection.
- Collaborating through infrastructure interconnection  and interaction on common issues needed, for applications among schools which require QoS.
- Focusing on information sharing, cyber-security, cloud computing, community development.
- Developing information sharing systems and local content portals.
- Focusing on public private partnership and developing business plans with sustainability.