“The ASREN initiative will connect our researchers and scholars allowing them to share knowledge and to collaborate. It is a unifying network for the Arab region, and I commend it.”
Amre Moussa, Former Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Egypt
“Investing in e-Infrastructures will advance inter-Arab research and education and promote cooperation with Europe”
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, ASREN’s Chairman, Jordan
“Research today is largely driven by e-Infrastructure. With increasing complexities of scientific problems, growing support for global collaboration, and accelerating demand for high performance computing and the sharing of resources, e –Infrastructure has become a driver for innovation and a powerful instrument for advancing science and technology. The Arab e-Infrastructure promises to encourage innovation and strengthen science and technology capabilities for the whole region”
Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan, Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, United Arab Emirates
“Our efforts in the Mediterranean region and the Arab region at large have brought yesterday’s vision to reality today. e-Infrastructures are bringing real, and very practical benefits to scientific research, supporting collaboration wherever there is a mutual interest, bridging technological and scientific gaps and reducing such phenomena as brain drain. I would like to thank ASREN for its initiative to prepare the e-Infrastructure Status Report.”
Glinos Konstantinos, Head of e-Infrastructure Unit, DG CONNECT, The European Commission