EUMEDCONNECT3 provides a high-capacity dedicated Internet network for the research and education communities across the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, enabling scientists and academics to collaborate and engage in innovative, data-intensive international projects.
​With its direct links to GÉANT, the pan-European R&E network, EUMEDCONNECT3 provides access to over 50 million users at over 10,000 research and education establishments across Europe.
Initially running to the end of 2016, the project has now been extended until the end of 2021.
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EUMEDCONNECT2 is a high-capacity IP-based data-communications network serving the research and education communities in seven countries across the southern Mediterranean, enabling them to participate in collaborative projects.
Offering a direct link to GÉANT, its pan-European counterpart, EUMEDCONNECT2 allows approximately 2 million users in around 700 institutions across North Africa and the Middle East to collaborate with their peers at more than 4000 research and education establishments in Europe. EUMEDCONNECT2 provides the Mediterranean with a gateway to global research collaboration.
This project has finished.


The EUMEDCONNECT1 project is a pioneering initiative to establish and operate an IP-based network in the Mediterranean region. The EUMEDCONNECT network serves the research and education communities of the Mediterranean region, and is linked to the pan-European GÉANT2 network.
This project has finished.