ASREN aims at building, maintaining and consolidating regional e-Infrastructures dedicated to e-science and education across the Arab countries, by developing, managing and operating a regional network that interconnects the NRENs of the Arab countries, promoting harmonization of policies and standards in relevant areas at the regional level and advocating at the regional level amongst decision makers and stakeholders.
ASREN also contributes to creating and sustaining National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), by supporting them in implementing leading-edge technological solutions while pursuing cost-effectiveness and favouring the exchange of expertise and best practices amongst the NRENs personnel in the region.
ASREN facilitates collaboration and cooperation among the researchers and academicians in the Arab region by increasing the availability and accessibility of knowledge resources for students and researchers, promoting the development of Arabic content and its availability, facilitating knowledge exchange and transfer processes across the region and with relevant partners in Europe and worldwide and promoting the adoption and usage of e-Infrastructures and services among the scientific community, also through training and tutoring activities and strengthening regional partnerships and encouraging joint scientific research at all levels.