e-AGE is an annual international conference organized by ASREN, the Arab States Research and Education Network. Since its launch in 2010, ASREN has been hosting e-AGE every year in different Arab countries. The conference serves as a platform to disseminate information, promote research collaboration, and establish research networks in the Arab region and beyond.

e-AGE brings together scientists, representatives from ASREN, G√ČANT, Internet2, WACREN, Ubuntunet Alliance, APAN, RedCLARA, and other regional and national research and education networks. It gathers innovators, leaders, and scientists to discuss and debate topics related to research and education networks and the deployment of e-infrastructure. The aim is to support education and research in addressing crucial challenges such as health, climate change, food and water scarcity, renewable energy, and the environment.

Over the years, e-AGE conferences have been held in various Arab cities, with high-level participation from ministerial and decision-making officials. In 2020 and 2021, the events were conducted virtually due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The conferences feature distinguished keynote speakers and authors who participate in panels and roundtable discussions to share experiences and engage in critical debates on the requirements and significance of research and education e-infrastructures in the Arab region and beyond.

These conferences have successfully created valuable forums for policymakers, research communities, and Arab NRENs to discuss, disseminate knowledge, and raise awareness about the importance of e-infrastructures and their development in the Arab region.

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