CHAIN/ EUMEDGrid Support Meetings

ASREN involvement in CHAIN project- which aims to coordinate and leverage e-Infrastructure efforts in Europe to other regions including Asia, Mediterranean, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa and establish operational, organizational, and interoperability principles. Activities of CHAIN focus on:
1. Collecting information on e-Infrastructure - worldwide.
2. Extracting and analyzing these information, then finding synergies towards different kinds of resources, middleware, bandwidth, common things, etc.
3. Defining policies and building a roadmap for interconnectivity, interoperability (EGI standards) for links with other regional e-infrastructures, proposing EU middleware software.
4. Simple issues, multiple infrastructure, compatible services, interoperation at the management level, uniformity.
ASREN involvement in EPIKH project- which promotes use of specific portal/ education specific network not website, share and participate for access to resources infrastructure, test-bed projects using Grid services, concept of security, federation identity for ease of use and accountability of resources, etc. ASREN's support will be in:
1. Organizing with EPIKH schools to bring technology to curricula, help government realize total investment being much less than a local investment for institutions within the country. Proposals of small research programs to gridify their applications learn how to run the applications that are deployed, areas and communities, common applications, etc.
2. Offering administrative training to professionals at the ASREN level with the concept of NOC.
3. Developing some kind of a degree program (similar to an Executive MBA) in Grid/e-Infrastructure with a list of courses. The degree would be jointly offered between EU/Arab Universities.
4. Organizing workshops, awareness sessions and focus on the applications of e-infrastructure.