14-15 December 2020 / Tunis, Tunisia

Power of e-Infrastructures - Shaping the Future of Online Research and Education

e-AGE20, the 10th edition of the International Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment will be held in Tunis, Tunisia during 14-15 December 2020. Its focus will be on the role of e-Infrastructures in the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
e-AGE 20 will be a forum to share practices and experiences that go beyond teaching online courses and sharing resources in today’s unprecedented isolation.  NRENs and e-Infrastructures provide essential means to stay connected and to meet the new challenges of research and education. 
It is expected to invite renowned speakers and experts to share their experiences and debate on the complex global phenomenon and scientific challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. Topics may include unique experiences of research collaboration, online teaching and learning, resource sharing, assessments, and classroom integration and interaction. Topics may also include the role of NRENs in the COVID-19 crisis and how their global integration have spurred new ways of communication and sharing  in addressing challenges at the global scale.
e-AGE20 is coming with “Power of e-Infrastructures - Shaping the Future of Online Research and Education” as the main theme of the conference and all activities are centered on it.
For more details and registration, please visit the conference website at:  http://asrenorg.net/eage20/