Tuesday, 15 December 2020
 09:00am UTC
The e-AGE conference had established itself as an important venue for networking among experts and scientists. In 2020, e-AGE will be held in a virtual format during 15-16 December 2020. e-AGE20 will be a forum to share practices and experiences that go beyond teaching online courses and sharing resources in today’s unprecedented isolation.  NRENs and e-Infrastructures provide essential means to stay connected and to meet the new challenges of research and education.
e-AGE20 is coming with “Power of e-Infrastructures - Shaping the Future of Online Research and Education” as the main theme of the conference and all activities are centered on it. 
e-AGE20 will include events, workshops and meetings centered around the following themes:
  • e-AGE Annual Conference
  • The 13th Event on Euro-Mediterranean e-Infrastructure
  • The 10th annual shareholders meeting of ASREN
  • EUMEDCONNECT3 Project meeting
  • AfricaConnect3 Project meeting
  • AfircaConenct3 PMB Meeting
  • Internet2 Middle East SIG Meetings
  • Virtual workshops dedicated for NRENs and their communities (TBC)
More information about the event can be found at the event website: http://asrenorg.net/eage20/