Networking Event

- Egypt University Network (EUN) physical infrastructure is connecting universities through VPN network with large capacity purchased for each university via Egypt Telecom.
- EUN intensive experience in managing R&E networks and its services, including a centralize e-Learning, Digital Library, MIS system for all universities.
- EUN bids for connectivity through the commercial network, and would benefit from EUMEDCONNECT3 as a beneficiary partner.
- EUN favors a flexibility model in EUMEDCONNECT project to allow a selection of international connectivity.
- EUN is very supportive to join ASREN, although their participation is still pending high authority approval.
- Recommendation for ASREN to operate a light model for connectivity through some kind of a VPN and 3-4NOC, and not to get into the business of infrastructure connectivity.
- ASREN to focus on services and applications with details of topology, ASREN/EUMEDCONNECT3connectivity model, and cooperative services.